Launcher Update Patch Notes

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Hey Party-Goers!

LAUNCH into our latest UPDATE!

We’ve pushed a quick update with enhancements and bug fixes. The biggest news here being that we’ve enabled account creation directly from the launcher, making a simpler and more streamlined experience for new users!

New Notification Bell


  • Account creation is now embedded in the launcher.
  • New back plate color behind Sign In and Create account flow.
  • Sign In styling modified to match account creation view.
  • Pug Life has replaced discombobulated Space Ape.
  • Focusing interactive elements via keyboard is more obvious.
  • Play button mouse hover/focus state improved.
  • Version numbers moved to the bottom right of the launcher.
  • Progress bar for game updates will fill in more evenly when multiple patches are being applied.
  • Launcher will minimize while running Blankos Block Party and restore itself when the game is exited.
  • Logging has been updated to only keep data from the previous run and the current launcher run.

Bug fixes

  • Notification bell now shows a red dot to indicate there are unread messages.
  • Closing the launcher right after opening will no longer cause it to crash.
  • Opening the launcher while it is already running will now focus the launcher instead of doing nothing.
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