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These Blankos, Accessories, and Emotes are leaving June 2nd and June 3rd

Mythical Games
Mythical Games3 min read

We're full steam ahead on the biggest update to Blankos Block Party ever on June 2nd. We also have a massive store update. We'll be removing quite a lot of items, and making room for new items like a new Blanko, accessories, and Gumballs.

Here's everything that's leaving the shop on June 2nd or June 3rd.

Braincase and Fathomz leave June 3rd at 3PM PDT

These two amazing Blankos will be the last two Blankos available in Open Beta. Pick up Braincase by James Groman for $14.99 or 1500BB's and Fathomz by Pete Fowler for $9.99 or 1000BB's while you still can! They leave the store June 3rd at 3PM PDT.


The Hotdog Backpack, Basic Black Sneakers, and Redbolt Puckhead Mask are some of our most OG accessories. While the Hotdog Backpack is going away and will be reset, you can get it as an Open Beta Reward by leveling any Blanko to level 10 by June 1st 11:59PM PDT.


Black Shoes and Hockey Mask are NFTs and will be getting removed from the shop on June 2nd at 9:30AM PDT.



There are MANY emotes that have been around since the start of Open Beta, so we're cleaning house on these!

Here's the full list:

  • The Swim
  • Celebratory Dance
  • Watch Me
  • Sleepy
  • Call Me
  • Robot*
  • Shadow Boxing*
  • Come At Me*

*These items will be reset since they cost Moola. As a reminder all Moola and Moola items are being reset and removed from inventories on June 2nd.

Build Items

Finally, we will also be saying goodbye to the three Build Mode items available in the shop right now. Be sure to snag these up before they become relics.

There you have it! All the items that are being removed on June 2nd. Be sure to buy these now in-game or on the webstore before it's too late!

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