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The Webstore is Now Open!

Mythical Games
Mythical Games2 min read

Buying Blankos has never been easier! We’re bringing the option to buy Blankos and accessories to the website with an easy and accessible purchasing experience.

You can now simply access the Blankos shop from any device at This out-of-game Blankos shop experience will give you the freedom to buy the hottest items and newest drops, even when you can’t make it into the game.

Everything you buy on the website will automatically show up in your in-game inventory just like you bought it from Chauncey himself.


On our new webstore, you will be able to easily purchase Blankos and accessories with cryptocurrency or USD. We are using BitPay for crypto payments, and accept all currencies supported by them.

We are also allowing purchases of unlimited quantities of Blankos and accessories on the webstore. We believe in giving you as much freedom as possible in creating an open market and this is a giant step towards that.

Limited quantity drops, which we will have more of in the future, may have additional purchase regulations.


All of the Blankos and Accessories sold on the webstore for USD or cryptocurrency are NFTs. This includes any Blankos and Accessories bought for Blanko Bucks or USD in-game.

Blankos have always been NFTs, but now any accessory previously purchased for Blanko Bucks or USD will be tokenized as NFTs, and issue numbers will be retroactively granted based on the order of purchase. This includes tokenizing accessories in Founder's Packs and granted in a giveaway, like Frostbyte’s Beanie or the Alpha Blanko accessories.

Issue numbers for Accessories will be displayed in-game in a future update, but rest assured, they have been tokenized and you will be able to see the issue number on the Mythical Marketplace.


Yes! Blankos and Accessories purchased on web or in-game for USD, crypto, or Blanko Bucks will be tradeable at the Mythical Marketplace once we begin opening up access starting May 2021.

Note that this does not apply to items bought with Moola or earned through quests. As previously outlined, all Moola, Moola items, and quest items will be removed in a progression reset. In a future update, we will have a tag in-game to differentiate NFT and non-NFT items to make this crystal clear.

To discuss this article or to give us feedback, head to our Discord Server, Subreddit, or Twitter to share your thoughts.

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