Mythical Marketplace Update

Mythical Games1 min read

Hey Party-Goers!

We’ve got another update for the Marketplace. We’ll be seeing some changes to the UI in your account settings for the Mythical Marketplace and the addition of crypto payment support!

During our update on October 14th at 10 AM PDT, the Mythical Marketplace will be going down for the maintenance. We expect to be back up by 11 AM PDT, meaning the Mythical Marketplace is expected to be down for 1 hour. During this time, you will not be able to access the Mythical Marketplace.

Your balance can now be viewed from the Mythical Balance. We’ve linked it so that you can view your Uphold balance directly from your Mythical Wallet, in the Mythical Balance section.

We’ve added crypto payment support, meaning you’ll be able to purchase using your, linked, preferred form of crypto. When the value of your crypto has changed, your “Confirm” payment button will have changed to a “Refresh the Rate” button.

We’re excited to see the benefits of adding crypto payments to the Mythical Marketplace! This is the next big step we’ve taken for the Mythical Marketplace and hope this will be the next step towards a better experience for all in the Mythical Marketplace.

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