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Freddy Yeti drops June 3rd

Mythical Games
Mythical Games1 min read

Oh, you thought there was only one Blanko drop this week? How cute! On June 3rd at 3PM PDT, we will be dropping Freddy Yeti! This Blanko will not have a quantity cap but will only be available until June 16th.

Pick up Freddy Yeti for $9.99 on the web Shop or 1000 Blanko Bucks in-game.

Early Access Edition! The snowy spires of the Himalayas are known for being nippy. But fear not! Freddy Yeti's got you covered. Fred loves sharing a hot cup of cocoa with a new pal. But watch out! Freddy's sister been known to swipe mugs without warning!

This Blanko will be available until June 16th at 3PM PDT where we will have another drop. In general, you can expect us to have a drop every Wednesday and sometimes Thursdays moving forward.

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