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Building Games In Blankos Block Party

Mythical Games
Mythical Games1 min read

Ever wanted to make your own game? We believe you should have the opportunity to create anything you want. Build mode in Blankos Block Party allows you the freedom to create, imagine, and play!

How does building in Blankos work?

When you jump into your first build you will have a starting lobby and a blank slate. From this you can add on a variety of items that are in your inventory. The item list in your inventory will grow over time and we will be adding more and more items. There will also be some build items that you will be able to purchase directly from the in-game shop for Blanko Bucks or Moola.

What kinds of games can I create?

In Open Beta, you can create a Shooter, Race, Vibe Collect, or a combination of those. Some of the build items will dictate what kind of game you’re creating when you place them in your Block Party. Place down a start and finish, and your game will be a race. Put some weapons in your Block Party, and you got a shooter. Drop some vibes, and you got a vibe collect game. Mix them all up to create the game you want. This will be evolving over time and more options will be added.

Get building!

Blankos is a welcoming space and we love seeing new designs. If you're having difficulty with building, there are plenty of resources. First, see this blog and video with tips from Senior Level Designer Josh Foreman. Then hop into our Discord server and try asking some questions in the building channels. Or share your Block Party and get some feedback.

In Alpha and Private Beta, we saw a ton of creativity of people creating their own rules. So the possibilities are endless. We cannot wait to see what you create.

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