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Build Mode Roadmap

Mythical Games
Mythical Games2 min read

Build Mode is essential to Blankos Block Party, and our players in Beta have been creating absolutely incredible games with it. We are so excited to see the games you create, every single day.

Today, we are sharing with you a glimpse of our priorities for Build Mode as we continue to improve and add features. There are tons, but this is what we're ready to showcase right now.

Note that all of this is subject to change since we are still in Beta.

Build Mode Philosophy

What will never change is our design philosophy for Build Mode. These goals are how we identify what our priorities are.

  1. Building in Blankos should be a playful experience
  2. Experimenting with game mechanics should be fun
  3. Maximize builder expression

Build Mode Priorities

As we look at what to prioritize to get into the game, these key priorities are where we will be focusing our energy.

  1. Improve and Optimize Current Tools
  2. New Prop Types and Functionality
  3. Listenting to Community Feedback

Future Build Mode Updates

Now that you know how we prioritize updates, let's look at what we are focused on introducing in the future. We cannot say exactly when these will be going in but know that these are our top priorities for the future of Build Mode.

Moving Prop Family

This is has been in the works for a long time but is something we are passionate about getting into the game.

Easy to Understand Win Conditions

We want all the information that builders put into their game to be available to the players in an easy-to-understand way. We will be removing secondary win conditions. But we will be allowing more creativity with the win conditions to allow for different win conditions for different teams. This change is inspired by Sandy's famous Block Party, "Unalive Run."


Emitters will allow for environmental physics, where builders can have more creativity with obstacles like water or fire splashes or audio cues.

Improvements on Race and Shooting Props

As we have just seen with the race start grid prop update and the shooting improvements, we will be focusing on continual improvements for these props.


Lights are so important to level design. They create ambiance, moods, information, and we will be adding a lot more in the future.

To discuss this article and the upcoming features, or to give us feedback, head to our Discord Server, Subreddit, or Twitter to share your thoughts.

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