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Blankos and Accessories are Leaving the Store May 12th!

Mythical Games
Mythical Games2 min read

We laughed, we cried, we scored some low issue numbers! On May 12th at 3PM PDT, we will be removing Zantar and Finder of Lost Souls from the Blankos Block Party in-game and web store. In addition, we are going to be removing the War Pony Whirlwind Mask, Spiked Choker, Spiked Wristband, and Cherry Bracelet accessories from the in-game and webstore.

As announced last month, all accessories bought with crypto, USD, or Blankos Bucks are tokenized on the blockchain in addition to all Blankos as NFTs. These accessories will be able to be bought and sold on the Mythical Marketplace when it is live.

Say goodbye to these items forever until the Marketplace.







Get these NFTs while you can!

Download the game and pick up these items, or head to the shop to get these last chance items!

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